What do the most successful CEO’s, managers and business owners have in common?

Giselle Chapman has ignited their passions and improved the performance within their organizations. When decision makers want to improve their businesses, they bring in Giselle to help them map out and execute the improvement process.

Whether she is inspiring small groups of top business professionals, coaching executives or speaking to large, diverse management teams, Giselle Chapman has the knowledge and experience to ignite passion and performance in all those with whom she comes in contact.

Giselle is ready to make your good team GREAT!

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Giselle understands the ongoing needs of business professionals.

1Making the customer experience incomparable

2Attracting and keeping high-quality employees

3Creating loyal customers who will refer others to their business

4Building effective teams that complement individual strengths

5Training employees for continual improvement

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Our Mission

Giselle Chapman runs Chapman Business Solutions, a training and coaching group that works with executives and their teams. Giselle’s goal is to give business professionals the tools needed to engage their employees as well as delight their customers, making them the provider and the employer of choice.

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