Active Listening

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Listening makes people feel appreciated and respected. Actively listening allows you to focus on the speaker and ask better questions to build deeper personal and professional relationships. In this post you will learn a tool to communicate that you care.

Recognition for Retention

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A Gallop poll showed that 65% of employees received no recognition for their good work. How are you recognizing your team members? Watch the video to learn one easy way to recognize your team and Start NOW!

Keep Them Coming Back!

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  Customer loyalty is created one interaction at a time! What are you doing to keep your customers coming back? Are you exceeding their expectations? Watch one business’ unique approach to keeping their customers returning!


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  You can save time, reduce stress, and be more productive using the four D’s to de-clutter your life! o it – if you can do it in 10 minutes or less – just do it ump it – if you can get the information from someone else or you know you will never read [...]