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If you’re looking to take your game to the next level, then contact Giselle. At Chapman Business Solutions, she brings out the best in others through her knowledge and resourcefulness. I have attended numerous workshops that Giselle has developed and delivered. Each one has been first class with practical information that delivers immediate results.

- Darlene Hale Glenn


Giselle has provided our team with invaluable tools for creating and nurturing professional relationships. Giselle has served as advisor, coach and mentor to individuals at all levels of our organization and along the way became an integral part of our family.

- Eric Marton, Executive Director for Cedars Sinai Heart Institute


It was clear to me very shortly after meeting Giselle, that I would not only enjoy the results and improvements she could bring to my presentation skills, but that I would love the process as well. I was not disappointed! Giselle’s input on my workshops and presentations have had a dramatic effect on the presentation itself. More importantly her guidance has impacted my participants. Thanks to Giselle, my audiences are able to absorb more information, more quickly resulting in an effective, satisfying experience for my clients. I recommend Giselle with no reservations for any individual, team, or company looking to sharpen their presentation skills and the effectiveness of those presentations!

- Donna Karson (Bakker)


Last year I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Giselle and benefiting from her expertise by attending one of her seminars on Living your Passion. Giselle then graciously agreed to share her wisdom and knowledge with my students at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. What a gifted, gracious, and passionate woman. I wish I could bottle up and sell her energy – I would make millions! I highly recommend Giselle to any company – everyone can gain from her message!

- Karla E. Kehres, Principal, KPK Consulting


Giselle “walks the talk.” She is passionate about teaching The Passion Test and this results in helping others (like myself) gain clarity in finding our life purpose. She helped me focus on what is the most important thing I should be doing right now. I continue to take the Passion Test to make sure I am always focused on doing what’s most important right now.

- Cindy Heimstaedt


I have had the most wonderful learning experience in working with Giselle. She has taken some of my marketing and presentation skills to new heights for which I am most grateful. I highly recommend her.

- Noel Mc Murray


From the moment I met Giselle, I was impressed by her passion and commitment to excellence. She is a true partner in that she puts your needs first…a remarkable achievement. Each of her presentations delivers a powerful message… much recommended.

- Florin Tiru


I recently participated in Giselle’s Passion Test workshop a second time and was wowed with the value I received. With further clarity, getting what I want is even easier and with added emotion and passion, my vision materializes more quickly. Revisiting the workshop brought new realizations, enhanced my excitement about what’s available to me and nurtured my willingness to apply and take action. And then, Giselle provided a structured process and follow up so you continue to get even more value after the course is finished. I now have a powerful tool that Giselle taught me to use extremely effectively. Passionate life, here I come! If you haven’t experienced the Passion Test yet, do yourself a favor, jump in and take a big step towards living the life you dream of. If you have taken Giselle’s course previously and are considering revisiting it again, I strongly encourage you to register and take advantage of Giselle’s expertise.

- Mark Nicole


Giselle Chapman has been a highly successful speaker at NPE West 2009 and NPE 2010 — and we’re bringing her back for another round of acclaimed seminars Feb. 2 in Nashville. She’ll present a new session, “Power To Your People! Help Your Employees Do More for Your Company” and will repeat what was probably the surprise success seminar last year, “Taking Your Presentation Skills to the Next Level.”

- Allan Heydorn Editor, Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction / Conference Manager, National Pavement Expo/National Pavement Expo West