Why is there a minimum of six months for the Customer Service and Employee Engagement programs?

In my experience, in order to make a permanent change in something as important as your company’s culture, you need six months to create the processes that are going to sustain your culture and train everyone so that they are clear on the goals and their roles in the organization.


Do you only work with medical practices?

Not at all! Although many of my clients are medical practices and hospitals, I do have clients in other industries because the idea of delighting customers and engaging employees is certainly something all businesses strive for. I would love to talk to you to see if I can help your company.


Does management have to participate in training?

In order to change a culture you have to have buy in and participation at every level, so the leadership is an important component of the training.


Do you do any other types of training?

Yes, here is a list of some of my most popular workshops:

Effective Meeting Management
Time Saving Solutions for Managing Your Electronic Office
Take Your Presentations to the Next Level
The Passion Test

Please call me if you would like to find out if one of these workshops is right for you.